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How Did A Desperate 18 Year Old American Muslim, Who Dropped Out Of High-School & Had Zero Prior Business Experience, Still Make $501,390.23 With ONE Product In A Single Year, ALL From The Comfort Of His Own Home AND... Is Consistently Able To Replicate These Results Across ANY Market?

How Did A Desperate 18 Year Old American Muslim, Who Dropped Out Of High-School & Had Zero Prior Business Experience, Still Make $501,390.23 With ONE Product In A Single Year, ALL From The Comfort Of His Own Home?

The 'Secret' Opportunity That's Hidden From Muslims Now Revealed!

From The Desk Of Ebad Baig
The Woodlands, Texas
Crisp and sunny.
July 18
Assalamualaikum Dear Brother or Sister,

If you're living in a kaafir country and would like to make a full time halal living online from the comfort of your own home... 

And not have to work, study or be apart of the rising fitna in these troublesome environments...

Then this will be the most important message you will ever read.

Here is why: 

My name is Ebad Baig and some time ago, I was dead broke. 

I was working minimum wage at subway literally being forced by my manager to serve non-halal meat to customers and expired bags of chips. 

At the time, that was the only kind of job I could get because of my minimal experience and zero qualification.
Not only that, I was attending a super secular, "fitna driven" American High-School.

There were semi-nude women all around and for a teenage muslim...

The WORST possible environment you can imagine.

Throughout these years in high-school, I can't even remember myself reading one ayah from the Qur'an... 

I was very distanced from Allah (Swt).

Fast forward end of Sophomore year (10th grade), I came to a brutal realization.

What I had realized was this would be my life in this country till the day I die if I didn't do anything about it.

I would consistently be exposed to haram through high-school and college and once graduated...

Find difficulty getting a FULLY halal job (because as most of you reading this know, 99% of jobs here in the U.S, it's super difficult to find a spot and time to pray, attend Jumu'ah, there's free mixing, etc.)

One day during summer break of my Sophomore year I stumbled across this YouTube video that talked about making money online through Dropshipping (we'll get into what that is later).

Long story short, I instantly became hooked, went after it and...

Failed for 2 whole years 😭.
I had made a deal with my parents that if I could support myself through this online business then I wouldn't have to go to college.


At this point I was in my last year of high-school with 2 semesters left without having made a single penny in profit!!!

I knew if I wanted to make this work, I had to do something different.

So one day...

I just stopped.

Spent 2 weeks actually learning from my mistakes and then...

I crafted such a Magical 7 Step Process, that 1 out of every 2 ideas I ran were successful (so much for the whole “9 out of 10 businesses fail” idea, am I right? 😆).

Fast forward one year from that point and I had made...

Over Half A Million Dollars In Revenue!

Now, one thing I want to be transparent about is revenue does not equal the amount of money you take home.

In profit, I had done around $50K my first successful year in Ecom.


Before you go, "Oh wow, that's nothing", understand this...

That was my first successful year in Ecom and the amount of mistakes I made that first year costed me a ton of money.

But, if I were to be completely honest with you, Alhamdulillah...

$50K in a single year for an 18 Year Old is in the Top 0.1% in that age group and is an Engineer's Starting Salary here in the U.S


I'm extremely, extremely grateful with the amount of money I made my first successful year and the freedom that it gave me.
And because of having the freedom of running an online business, I have more time.

I was never able to make time to memorize the Qur’an, but now...

It’s been 11 months since starting and I’ve memorized 2.5 chapters so far with the meaning, Alhamdulillah (I'm not a native Arabic speaker). 

And with making a lot more money... 

I was able to donate a consistent amount during the last 10 nights of Ramadan and help my family and relatives who were in financial need.

As well as spend more time with my family and younger sister! 

I can honestly say it has changed my life for the better, Alhamdulillah.

Not having to deal with fitna in the work environment or at school, more time to be closer to Allah (swt) & spend with my family, and more money to donate = more good deeds.

That’s the freedom you’ll be able to achieve with running an E-commerce business.

More time to spend at home with your family, take care of your children, read the Qur'an, hadith, look after the house, being able to do Hajj or Umrah any time of the year and donate more to charities, sponsor orphans, etc, etc.

It’s so ideal.

Allah (Swt) has blessed us in this day and age with the Internet.

Sure, there's a lot of fitna on it, BUT... 

There's A TON of opportunity as well.

If you don’t take advantage of this opportunity where starting your own business is soo much easier than what people had to go through before...

Then you’re really missing out on so much... because understand this:

You can’t get that wasted time back.

Life is short, make the most of it while you can.

You can spend half your life going to commute, facing fitna, be distanced from your family and Allah (Swt).


You can make the most of it and...

Gain financial, time and location freedom, spend more time with your family, go to trips, do hajj & umrah any time of the year and most importantly... 

Become closer to our creator.

Now, real quick, I know many of you reading this will be very skeptical of me and the information that I'm presenting.

And that's completely ok.

I would be too.


I've put together a quick little video that shows you the full behind the scenes of my E-commerce stores breaking down literally everything (Profit and Loss, Supplier Payments, Bank Transactions, etc.). Here it is:
Alright, that out of the way...

You may be wondering, "what exactly were you selling?"

But the truth is...

That doesn't matter. 

The secret was not in the product.

It was in the way that it was marketed through the 7 Step Process I had crafted.

Would you like to start making a full time halal living online through selling physical products you never touch as well? 

If so, you can use my 7 Step Process to build an E-commerce Business of your own and and sell almost anything (as long as it's halal, you will learn the criterias to sell halal products as well in this eBook).

Who Needs This Secret 7 Step Process?

  • Are you a Sister looking to earn halal income online from the comfort of your own home?
  • ​Are you a Brother looking to earn a halal full time living from your laptop and be able to quit your job?
  • ​Are you a High School or College Student looking to make a full time halal living through nothing but the Internet and not have to attend this secular education system (this was me)?
  • ​Are you looking to make extra halal income on the side from the privacy of your own home?
  • ​Are you a Brother who is unemployed struggling to make ends meet?
If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, you should try my 7 Step Process. You can read all about it in my new eBook called...

The Muslim’s Amateur Guide To Building A Halal 6-Figure E-commerce Business

This book details literally everything I figured out during those 2 weeks that I just stopped and learned from my failures that costed me thousands of dollars, plus much, much more!

It will guide you step by step on going from idea to a full-fledged e-commerce business that can give you time, financial and location freedom.

Now, since I'm so confident this will be some of the best and most valuable information you will ever lay your eyes on, I want to make you an offer that (I believe, at least) is absolutely irresistible...

I want to...
  • Give you access to it for 100% FREE 
  • Let you try it out in full, no-holds-barred, for 7 days
  • Then, let YOU decide whether or not you want to pay me for it
And listen: 2 years ago, I tired EVERY online business model you can possibly think of and E-commerce was by far the business model with the most positive upsides.
I don't mean to offend anyone, but literally "dumb" people are making millions of dollars in this business model, so why can't you?

The only part that should make E-commerce worth it to anyone is this:

You're building an asset that can sell for multiple millions of dollars within a few years.
No other business model can top that.

And to be completely transparent with you, I haven't sold an E-commerce business for millions of dollars yet, but it is in the cards within the next few years, In Sha Allah.

And you don't need a whole lot of money to get started with the way I teach it.

I do something called "Dropshipping", which allows you to sell physical products without actually buying any inventory upfront.


For it to be halal it must meet some very important conditions.

Firstly, we can refer to this hadith narrated by Ibn Abbas (RA):

"The Prophet came to Medina and the people used to pay in advance the price of dates to be delivered within two or three years. He said (to them), ‘Whoever pays in advance the price of a thing to be delivered later should pay it for a specified measure at specified weight for a specified period’”(Bukhari no: 2239).

We see from the hadith that the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) allowed a seller to take payment for an item in advance of having the ownership of it, but attached certain conditions for it to be valid. 

The scholars have concluded 8 conditions for this to be valid, which we'll go over step by step in the eBook in Chapter Four.

The second issue with doing E-commerce in a halal way many are confused with is the product.

Many think if a product can be used for two reasons (evil or good), it is haram because you cannot control if people would use it in an evil way (like a phone can be used to share good islamic knowledge or watch pornography).

This is a completely false fallacy many muslims are fed. 

Refer to this ayah from the Qur'an to remove this fallacy:

{And every soul earns not [blame] except against itself, and no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another.} [Quran 6:164]

Scholars have commented on this verse that if something is knowingly sold that it will be used for evil, it is forbidden to sell it.

But, if the intention is clean and the end result depends on the person, you will not bear their sin.

It also depends on the market.

For example, if you're selling a knife to someone you saw coming from a fight against a bigger and stronger person and is asking to buy a knife from you and you can see he is very angry and will most likely end up stabbing the other person....

Then it is haram.

Fortunately, with doing business online, we cannot see the person, BUT the market you sell to is still in your control.

In simple terms, don't sell knives to someone that is interested in "Murder" on Facebook (I teach how to use Facebook ads to build your E-commerce business), instead, you'd sell it to stay at home moms that need a knife for cutlery purposes.

And the last thing, I know MANY of you reading this are worried about is this whole concept of "manipulating" people to do what you want them to do (i.e buy your product).

Here's the thing dear brother or sister:

If you're selling something that can make someone's life better in some way, make them feel happy, solve a deep & burning problem they're experiencing...

Then SHAME ON YOU if you don't get it into the hands of as many people as possible.

Because at the end of the day, business is a transaction of value. 

Somebody is paying you because they feel the value they're getting from the amount they're giving you is MORE than the actual cost.

So it is not bad or evil to persuade someone so long as you're doing it in a truthful manner.

You've already seen it in the video...

But I consistently every week average a 4.8+/5.0 feedback score despite Dropshipping and I receive emails thanking me everyday that I put my ad up on Facebook and ran it.

Alright, now I'm going to let you in on a hidden statistic no one who sells E-commerce Training talks about:

95% Of New E-commerce Businesses Fail

The reason why I'm letting you in on this statistic that most E-commerce Gurus think would hurt their sales is because those 95% of people don't understand marketing.

In other words that would get my point across much better, they don't have the 7 Step Process that I'm offering you through this eBook. 

These 7 steps will allow you to...

Think, construct and build profitable marketing to sell so much of your product(s) that you will have NO CHOICE but to turn off the notifications on your phone because of how many "Cha-Chings!" you will hear that it will drive you crazy.
And, these 7 steps aren't the only thing you'll learn from my eBook. No.

Here's a sample of what you will learn when you read the whole eBook.
  • ​How To Find Untapped Winning Products That Are Waiting For You To Be Capitalized On
  • ​How To Hire People From Countries That Are Willing To Work For $2/hr To Autopilot Your Business
  • ​How To Consistently Sell Products 25% Cheaper Than Your Competitors
  • How To Save Up To $10K On Taxes
  • ​The One Trick That Has The Potential To TRIPLE Your Revenue WHILE Building Your Akhirah (This Is An Absolute Golden Nugget)
  • ​How To Successfully Sell ANY Product If You Absolutely Have To Make It Work
  • ​How To Live ANYWHERE In The World While Getting All The Benefits Of An American Based Company
  • ​How To Borrow Up To $20K+ In Credit WITHOUT Riba If Paid Within 6 Months (This Was An Absolute Game Changer For Me When I Was On A Small Budget)
  • ​My Plan To Retire Early And Dedicate The Rest Of My Life To Worship Allah (Swt) by Selling An Ecom Brand For 7X Yearly Profits And How You Can Replicate It Too!
  • ​How To Get Plane Tickets, Do Hajj, Umrah and Book Hotels For FREE With The Money You Spend On Ads (This Alone Makes The eBook Worth It! 😂)
  • ​How To Find Reliable Agents That Will Ship Out All Of Your Orders In A Timely Manner, Guarantee Quality Inspection And Offer FREE Resends If The Package Is Lost Or Broken
  • How To Increase Your Revenue By Up To 50% Almost Overnight When You Have An E-commerce Store That’s Working
  • ​What I Would Do If I My Lost My Business And Had To Build A New One From Scratch To $1K/day In Revenue In Less Than One Month (Exclusive Insights To My Tactics)
  • ​​7 E-commerce Store Ideas That I Was Planning On Starting (I’m Pretty Hesitant To Give This One 😬)
  • ​How To Consistently Average A 4.0+/5.0 Feedback Score Even If Your Product Takes 3 Weeks To Get To The Customer 
  • The 10 BIGGEST Mistakes I Made My First Successful Year In Ecom And How You Can Leverage It To Make 5 Times More In Revenue And 2 Times Less In Expenses
  • ​My 5 Step Checklist To Validate A New Store Idea You Can Use Starting TODAY!
  • ​How To Make A Product People Have Seen Countless Amount Of Times Seem So Unique That It’s The First They’re Seeing It
  • ​How To Make Ads That Grab People By The Throat And Make Them Read Every Word You Wrote
  • ​How To Provide Your Customers Such A Good Experience That They Come Back And Buy 5,6,7+ Times From You
  • ​The Simple Trick To Stand Out In Hyper Competitive Markets And Get A Piece Of The Pie
  • ​The Step By Step Ad Writing Formula That Allows Anyone To Write World-class Ads
  • ​How To Craft An Offer So Irresistible That Your Customers Are Practically FORCED To Buy
  • ​How To Compete Against An Industry Giant When You’re On A Tight Budget 
  • ​How To Create Product Pages That Make 3 Times The Amount Of People Buy Than The Average Rate
  • ​The Little Known FREE Software That Allows You To Spy On Your Competitor’s Best Moves (I'd Say It's Responsible For 35% Of My Success)
  • ​The Ultimate Advantage You Already Have (But Don’t Know You Have) That Can Allow You To Humiliate Industry Leaders In Your Market
  • ​How To Understand Your Market Better Than They Even Understand Themselves
  • ​My Winning Ad Formula You Can Copy For Your Products
And much, much, more.

Remember, the things you’ll learn from this eBook are not only the valuable turning point information I gathered during those 2 weeks I just stopped and learned, but... 

You will also learn some of the biggest mistakes I made the first year I did see success with this stuff.

I’ve organized all this information into an easy to follow eBook that highlights...

EVERYTHING I did in order to be successful at this business along with my costly mistakes that you can avoid.

The eBook is completely step-by-step, meaning...

I'm not just giving you random slithers of information jumbled together in an eBook, if you follow all the steps highlighted in this eBook you will end up with a fully running and automated e-commerce business that makes you money 24/7/365.


I don't go into very specific nitty gritty things like exactly what button to press here, the exact button to toggle or settings to adjust, this is an eBook NOT a course or video trainings, if I were to go through these super specific details, it wouldn't be an eBook, BUT...

It gives you the overview of everything you need to do in seven steps to build a fully functional e-commerce business, but be prepared to google search very specific things like how to create a facebook ad account.

If I could’ve been given this information at the very start of my journey, I would’ve paid $5,000 to acquire it.

But I’m not even charging you a tenth of that amount.

Not even $100.

Right now, you can get “The Muslim’s Amateur Guide To Building A Halal 6-Figure E-commerce Business” at (and no, this is not a typo) $47!!!

But again, since you may not know or trust me yet, I want to let you try it out for 100% FREE for 7 days, and then let YOU decide whether or not you want to pay me for it.

(Yes, this is kind of a ridiculous offer, but we want to get this into as many hands as possible, and this is the only way we could think of to make it so there's absolutely zero risk to you whatsoever... so this is how we're doing it.)

Here's How It Works...

Below you'll find a 2-step order form.

First you'll fill in your contact info, then move to step 2.

In step 2 you'll give us your payment information and complete your order, but — and this is extremely important — we've set things up so you will not get charged a single cent for 7 days.

So, as soon as you complete your order, you'll receive an email with the full, unbridled version of The Muslim’s Amateur Guide To Building A Halal 6-Figure E-commerce Business.

What I want you to do is, I want you to go through it.

Try it out.

Absorb all the information inside.

Then, if at anytime, for any reason, in the next 7 days you feel like it's not worth at least TRIPLE the $47 we're asking for it...

Just shoot us an email at halalecommerceteam@gmail.com, tell us why you don't think it was worth the money, and we'll remove your payment information so you never get charged a single penny.

(We'll even let you keep your access to it, no hard feelings.)

But, if you do in fact feel it's worth the price we're asking...

Simply do nothing, then 7 days from today your card will be charged $47, and it will show up on your statement as HALAL E-COMMERCE.

Sound like a fair deal?

If you think so, the order form is below...

Order the eBook now while it's still fresh on your mind.

One thing I’ve seen consistently with the 5% that do succeed in this space, is they act with speed (with consuming information, testing products, launching ads, literally everything).

So be the 5% and get 100% FREE Instant access to “The Muslim’s Amateur Guide To Building A Halal 6-Figure E-commerce Business” right this second!

Thanks for reading.
Ebad Baig
Ebad Baig
Founder, Halal E-commerce

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​- Are you looking to make extra halal income on the side from the privacy of your own home?

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